Where Do I Begin?  

Throughout the history of African people we have always gone through cycles of rebuilding and and organization.  My favorite historical character is the African Egyptian-Ethiopian Pharaoh Taharqa. Egypt was in a downward spiral. Taharqa from Ethiopia conquered Egypt and led the land to its cultural, historical and economic importance.  

For the past few years I have felt scattered; bits and pieces of me are everywhere.  So, this new web site is an attempt to gather social media, business interests, blogs and ideas and place them in one central position.  My goals include commenting on political and cultural trends, interviewing authors, poets, business associates, community activists, and reviewing books, blogs and assorted information floating around.  Hopefully this will serve as an impetus to reconnect with the other disjointed pieces of me.

This is the no spin zone.  At this juncture of my life I engage in no hard core ideas, beliefs, rhetoric, hatred or jealousy of other people’s choices or options.  America has offered me a great deal of intellectual freedom.  As an intellectual I am comfortable in the world of ideas. Particularly those that advance the concept of oneness, peace and harmony. Black lives matter. So does the life of the Cecil the Lion.  As well as the struggling single white mother with a biracial child and a husband in jail.  Keeping the planet free from humans killing it, growing natural food using real seeds, and exploring inner space through prayer, meditation or just turning off the TV, cell phone or facebook matter.

At 57, I realize this incarnation of my eternal spiritual journey is closer to its end than its beginning. Despite this fact, I am in the gym everyday and my doctors have given me a clean bill of health.  Hopefully I can remember this incarnation it’s mistakes and successes.  It’s been a fantastic run.  And I am not finished yet.  As a matter of fact, like the great Taharqa, it’s a new beginning.

Special big ups to my daughter Candace Stout for building the site and helping me gather myself.

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