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From 1996 to 2007 I coordinated tours to Gambia, Senegal and Ghana under the auspices of 1st World Family.  1st of all I want to thank my mentor and friend John Watusi Branch.  You taught and gave me a lot brother particularly teaching me the tourism business, my parents Etienne and Shirley Stout for books and bringing me to Jamaica and the Virgin Islands.  They now sleep with the ancestors but without these three giants in my life the tours would had been impossible.  Big ups to my two Queen/Goddesses Jainaba and Yvette.  Life doesn’t always work out like it should.  Thank you for sharing and walking the path till it became troubling.  I do understand.  Jeff Scott, Ya Asantewaa Sy,Joanne James, and brother Kweku for all your love and support.  I am available to  organize a tour group for a church, business organization, school, or club.  I have included in sample itineraries and pictures from past groups. The following tour is available for February 2017.

February 5-11 2017
  February 12-18 2017
   February 19-25 2017
     February 26-March 4 2017

     $2395.00 includes hotel airfare and all tours

Day 1  Interested in the daily life of African commerce.  Seregunda Gambia’s largest city has the answers.  This fantastic walking tour has us viewing African furniture shops, automotive dealerships and mechanics, tailors, fish and produce sellers, transportation networks and a host of other businesses large and small that make Africa function.  We visit the Seregunda market one of the largest in West Africa.  Here you can purchase shea butter, cloth, jewelry, wood products, beads, powders or anything your heart desires. Afterwards we visit my tailor where you can have anything you desire made to your specifications. Dinner with an African Family.  Feel free to discuss any issue that comes up including politics, religion, female circumcision, polygamy and marriage in Africa.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day  2 Bakoteh Woman’s cooperative.  A local farming cooperative ran by the women of Gambia.  Educational tour on how these women feed the nation in the traditional African way.  Breakfast lunch and dinner included

Day 3 Bush Safari 4 wheel motorized jeep takes us on a fantastic journey along the Atlantic coast. Visit Crocodile Pool in Bakau where we meet Charlie the World’s fiercest Crocodile. Then we stop at Timbuktu bookstore where rare and exclusive books are born.  Included in this day is a relaxing beach swim complete with lunch.  We wind up at Tanje Fishing Village where we see the hustle of a typical African fish market.  Lunch included.

Day 4  Visit to Banjul Gambia’s seat of government.  Highlights include the visit to the Arch 22 memorial, the Gambia National Museum and the Albert market for the shopping.  We close the afternoon at a typical Gambia restaurant where we sample some of the local cuisine.   Lunch and dinner included

Day 5 Free Day.  Spend a relaxing day at one of my favorite beaches in Africa.  Perfect for reading, relaxing, writing and meditation.  Nighttime Activity Sizzlers beach club.  New and lively club right on the beach.  Relax in the lounge chairs or beachfront carousel where you can enjoy drumming or Kora playing.  The food and hospitality here are great.  - Visit Juffureh  the Alex Haley Roots Village.  Live the legend and the lore Kunta Kinte as we walk in the footsteps of his home village and meet his distant relatives. Afterwards let’s check out the fascinating nightlife and SeneGambia resort area. Nightclub, casinos, lots of shopping and food from everywhere.  A traveler’s delight.  Overnight Safari to Janjanbureh.  Includes boat trip up Gambia river to view gorillas, baboons, alligators, cobras and antelopes.  

Day 6 village trip.  A day in a traditional Gambian village.   Learn about the challenges facing women and children here.  Visit with a village chief.  Tour farms, schools where gifts of tee shirts, books or pencils can be left.   Lunch included


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Gambia Roots Tour 2017

Gambia Roots Tour 2017.  Includes hotel, airfare, tours and meals when indicated on itinerary.  Payment can be made in full using the add to cart link.  Installment plans can be processed through paypal, contact kwesiakosa@gmail to arrange this option. 

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