Hartford 2016

Nearly 40 years ago Michael Manley came to Queens College and gave a speech..  One thing he mentioned and  I will never forget.  "Develop your capacity for analysis.". Hartford is becoming a two tier city. The well off will use downtown Hartford as a personal playground with restaurants, hotels, baseball stadium, museums and apartment buildings just for them.  Supporting this lifestyle will be construction projects, transportation networks, health care and hospital facilities, educational structures and the ever present police forces.  Surrounding the inner core where be low  wage workers, the unemployed, petty criminals who will prey on the inhabitants of the outer core and assorted small businesses and a merchant class dedicated to serving its inhabitants.  The surrounding towns and cities won't escape untouched.  The Inner Core will push itself out.  Example baseball stadium near North Main and Albany Ave.  Remnants of the outer core of the central city will find themselves in Bloomfield, Windsor, East Hartford and Manchester. For too many of us life is a constant emotional response.  Nobody really gives a fuck bout your emotional response.  But when you take your own life in your hands and give a fist pound to that mofo  gorilla staring at your ass in the mirror that's when life gonna roll.

Develop your capacity for analysis - Michael Manley